Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids looking for new forever homes!

During the 1980's one particular doll, the Cabbage Patch Kid made a huge impression. Over 3 million Cabbage Patch dolls were sold during 1983-1985. Everyone went crazy over these dolls! In 1984 my mom brought home a little girl named Renata Charlotte, my treasured Cabbage Patch doll! It was an interesting struggle she said, as another customer tried to take her out of my mom's arms at Kmart. Luckily, she did not succeed! I love my Cabbage Patch doll so much that I still have her to this day.

Years ago, I was thrift store shopping and was shocked to find a few Cabbage Patch dolls for sale. It broke my heart that had these dolls had a home at one point only to be orphaned again. I decided to rescue them and now my little Renata has new sisters and brothers! However, this really got me thinking. So many of these dolls from the 1980's need now new homes and that is why I started CPK Adoptions! I rescue these little angels, fix them up with love and care, mend their little hearts and help them find their forever home. Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids are not just collector items, they have lots of love to give too!

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